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Your Maintenance Practices


The Status Quo


Employee Safety

PM Schedules

xact fluid solutions

Our innovations help you focus on:

  • Employee safety
  • Accurate PM schedules
  • Proper maintenance of valuable capital equipment.

Change the Direction of Your Maintenance Practices 

Change the Status Quo

Meat processing

Eliminate Black Rain

Chain Corrosion Prevention = Increased Uptime

No More Soap Based Liquids

Specific lubrication solutions 348, 678, 678 slider, and other common overhead chain types

What can we build for you?

Bakery & Confection

Easy release of dough from molds and blades

Minimize carbon and graphite residue on oven chains

Keep chains clean and deposit free, even in extreme heat

What can we build for you?


Custom solutions for freezing, bagging, canning, peeling, and pitting

Protect your equipment from sticky liquids caused by extreme temperatures

What can we build for you?

Industrial solutions

It’s not just about food!

Custom lubrication solutions for all your industrial applications

What can we build for you?

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