Chain Lubrication

the key to a plant's success.

The days are over where you need to spend valuable maintenance personnel hours using garden sprayers and aerosols to lubricate chains.  Eliminate ‘black rain’ issues and end your struggles with corroding chain in high wash-down environments.  Scroll down to see how XACT can solve your chain lubrication problems.

Link Series:

  • Compatible with 348, 458 and other common poultry chain sizes.
  • Easy installation, mounts onto hard-to-reach overhead rails for uninterrupted production.
  • Unsurpassed corrosion protection through a 4-point spray system.
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Custom Automatic Lubrication Solutions

  • Dosing options include an XACT Sniper sensing technology or an automatic timed interval system.
  • Allow your maintenance and production personnel to spend less time worrying about lubrication accuracy and focus on what they do best.
  • Nozzle options allow for pinpoint accuracy or a thin oil film on your entire chain.
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Xcessible Hands-Free Lubricators

Cost-effective single-point grease system perfect for lubricating hard-to-reach bearing points to maintain proper lubrication.

  • Available in both battery and gas powered versions.
  • Reduce component failure on parts that are hard-to-reach and never receive proper lubrication.
  • Proper lubrication intervals that ensure your components are getting the right amount of lubricant.
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